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Pixelmon 5.0.3

Cheetar a posted Apr 8, 17

Hi all,

I want to inform everybody that Pixelmon 5.0.3 version has been released! The server is currently running on 5.0.3, so feel free to join!

Pixelmon mod: http://mirror.pixelmonmod.com/core/5.0.3/
Forge: https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.10.2.html (Download the latest version)

Kind regards,


CrazY_GameRxX IT says i need to be whitelisted.. is it possible if you could whitelist me..would be happy to help as well.

The ingame shop is finished!

MuotoZ a posted Aug 28, 15

Hello pixelemon players,

Today we finished the ingame buy- and sellshop. You will be able to buy a lot of things and to sell pixelmon drops!


Murtida server still down...
nicpap35GR it is only for premium ?
lilypup54 rhegyre etygre YAS!!! Good bye all this steak, blaze powder, and fish!

3.4.0 Server

MuotoZ a posted Aug 4, 15

Hey guys,

Thanks for waiting this long, it was never our intention to keep the server closed for this long.

Today, we make a brand new start and will make a full back-up before every update. ( we didn't do this before because it could take up to 2 full days to backup).

Hope to see you on:


Suic00n If I have to start over I think I'm going to switch servers, this one's kind of outdated. I had a full team of...
JellyMang WTF what happens to the GTA warp my acc jellymang have been changepassword can you help me to get back my acc to gta ple...
innerkeagan i cant join . :L it keeps loading and nothing else. help


_AlterEgo a posted May 28, 15

Hi all,

We have sad and some good news.

Sad news

We will wait untill Cauldron 1.8 or another service comes out that supports 1.8 pixelmon versions. Pixelmon creators change the id of items every item which causes a lot of trouble. It will take a lot of time to fix everything for 3.4 and if we want to update to 1.8 we will most likely have a lot of bugged things once again. This is why we decided to wait as as new version for 1.8 might come out soon.

We are very sorry for this.

Good news

We will still be online with a vanilla version of 4.0.4 1.8 so you can still train your pokemons which you will keep when the next map reset happens.

We will keep you updated.

Corrupt_Crimson well,well,well i see you have not been fixing it or updating the status of the pixelmon server i see? that is really a s...
Murtida lily. use the Atlauncher. its better then installing the mod normally
lilypup54 i'm not able to get pixelmon 1.8 :/ it says it contains viruses (not the beta). D=

Update problems

_AlterEgo a posted May 28, 15

Hello everyone,

While we were upgrading to 3.4 we encountered a few problems, data values have been changed, pixelmon items randomly dissapeared and more shit happened. We are currently working hard on resolving these issues.

As we are normal human beings we need our sleep and we will be continuing to work on the server tomorrow. We will turn off the whitelist but please note that we are still working on this. If you encounter any bugs please report in this post.


masterblocks29 And admins will you please put the Persian rank on Masterblocks because I changed my name but that was before I joined a...
masterblocks29 Someone whitelist me I can't join!
youritv10 to easy!!
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